5 reasons to use Django Framework in your project

June 7, 2019

Django is an excellent framework for building web-related projects. It can be used for many different types of projects including custom Content Management Systems, webapps, websites, and web APIs.

But there are so many options for building an application. Why is Django the right choice?

Here are 10 reasons why you might want to build your next project with Django!

1. Django is fast to build with

Developers love Django because it’s simple and fast to build complex applications. The framework does all the common stuff so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every project you work on.

What’s the bottom line? Django saves you time.

Instead of starting from square 1, Django gives you a headstart, helping you rapidly move your application into production.

2. Django is secure

The web is a security nightmare. Hackers and bots are always looking for new websites to hack. Luckily, Django provides all sorts of security utilities to make sure your site doesn’t fall victim to easy attacks.

Django provides built-in security features to help you avoid common attacks like XSS, CSRF, SQL injections and Clickjacking.

Why is this important?

These security features help you to protect your users and their data.

In this modern era, that is a key responsibility of all application developers.

3. Django scales

Django isn’t just a framework for small websites. Some of the worlds top brands use Django in their operations, including Instagram, Pinterest, Coursera, MIT, and others.

These brands have millions of users (Instagram actually has 1 billion), and run billions of requests through their platforms.

It’s important that your business can grow, and Django can help you.

4. Django is standard

Coding is complicated. Coming onto a new project can be like diving into a stack of unorganized papers with no idea what’s on any of them.

With Django, developers know what they are getting into. It makes it easier for a new developer to understand how a project works, right away.

This saves you business time and money.

5. 180,000+ packages

Django is built on Python, giving you access to over 180,000 software packages to save your developers time when they build your project.

Need to fetch videos from YouTube? Get the latitude and longitude of an address? Detect the language of a news article?

It’s all available to you. Again, this saves your business time and money.


Django is a great choice for your next project. It’s fast, secure, reliable and scales well. It’s been battle-tested by some of the most famous brands on the internet.